Deal Gateway is a digital marketplace for entrepreneurs and deal makers that facilitates direct, peer-to-peer transactions on a secure blockchain platform. Access to Deal Gateway gives members the power to discover deals and opportunities that could not be found through their usual networks, opening doors to new capital, investments and business relationships.




Deal Gateway allows buyers and sellers of businesses to connect with each other quickly and easily. By using our powerful filters, potential buyers can search opportunities by industry, geography, price range and keywords, then connect directly with the seller to express interest.




Members who are looking to raise and invest capital, whether early stage or later stage, will be able to access opportunities on Deal Gateway that could not be found through their usual networks.




Looking for an advisor, mentor, new board member or other key person for your team? Deal Gateway connects members with other members who are ready to serve and support the growth of exciting businesses.


Become a member of Deal Gateway today to gain access to opportunities within our exclusive network of business leaders from around the world. Deal Gateway allows members to transact directly with each other on our secure blockchain platform: speeding up business, reducing transaction fees and saving our members valuable time.

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Deal Gateway is designed for the world’s leading entrepreneurs and business leaders. Our platform directly connects members interested in buying and selling businesses, raising and investing capital, finding advisors, and board members.


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Members of Deal Gateway are able to post, pursue, and close business opportunities including:


Buying and Selling Businesses

Raising Capital and Investment Opportunties

Selling and Licensing IP

Sales of Products and Services

Sourcing Key Personnel, Board Members, Advisors and Mentors

Deal Gateway is also a destination for invaluable exclusive content from industry experts on the topics most relevant to deal-makers in today’s global business community. Our experts share their wisdom on investing in real estate, resources, new energy and more, through video interviews, articles, blog posts and podcasts.